Why AI Is Becoming a Must-Have for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring solutions are producing more patient data each year. The only way for healthcare providers to process it all – and support their patients – is with artificial intelligence-based tools.

Once a technology enters our lives, it becomes impossible to imagine living without it. The first smartphones only hit the market around 15 years ago, for instance, and it feels like we’ve had them forever. Widespread streaming of digital media is even younger, and yet most of us barely remember how to operate our dust-covered DVD players.

We’re about to hit a similar technology tipping point when it comes to artificial intelligence in healthcare. And providers need to be ready for a near-future where AI is essentially mandatory – especially for remote patient monitoring programs. Implicity’s AI algorithm that analyzes ECG data from implantable loop recorders (ILRs) only received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration late last year, and already we’re seeing it become a mission-critical technology for some of our customers.

Here are four use cases that will soon make AI solutions in healthcare impossible to ignore.

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By Arnaud Rosier, CEO of IMPLICITY®.
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