Streamline your In-Clinic data workflow

Plug and play for quick and efficient data exchange

InLink is a smart new way of sending data from in-clinic visits to the Implicity remote monitoring platform – no manual input or USB drives are required! With InLink, your data can be transmitted quickly and effortlessly, freeing you to focus on patient care.

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InLink automates your in-clinic data collection

  • Collects patient device data (PDF files and raw data from all manufacturers*) during in-clinic visits
  • Automatically and securely transmits
    the data directly to the Implicity platform
  • Processed data is imported by Implicity and assigned to the right patient
  • In-clinic reports are easily created through the population of raw data
  • Manufacturer’s PDFs are accessible at the end of each patient report

*With some limitations depending on device models

Direct access to data and diagnostics collected by programmers during in-clinic device checks, eliminates the need for cumbersome manual data transfers

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The benefits for remote monitoring teams


Secure data transmission from the programmer to the Implicity platform via InLink


Effortless solution to collect in-clinic data (PDF files and raw data)

Immediate transmission: data is gathered in a snap