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Transforming cardiology practice with cutting-edge technologies
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We are a diverse team of passionate and curious individuals commited to delivering premium quality solutions to health systems. We help healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes, optimize productivity and deliver excellent patient care. We  are determined to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve clinic operations and the standard of care by harnessing the full power of data. Implicity aspires to transform cardiology practice and design predictive solutions for tomorrow by combining a state-of-the-art software technology with datascience, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  We combine our cutting-edge technology, our unique user-centric design and our regulatory knowledge to drive innovation in medical centers all over the world.


We are commited to providing electrophysiologists with the latest innovations and advanced technologies in Remote Monitoring.  Our objective is to improve the efficiency of Remote cardiac Monitoring and democratize it.

Our Story

Implicity was co-founded by Dr. Arnaud Rosier to solve a problem he encountered in his practice as an electrophysiologist.  He wanted all his patients to benefit from Remote Monitoring but the tools were outdated and the process very complex. Convinced that Remote Monitoring could improve patient care and provide optimized vital prognosis, Dr. Rosier thought of a solution that could facilitate its adoption. That’s when the idea of Implicity was born.

Dr Arnaud Rosier
CEO & Founder of Implicity

“Every day I needed to log on 5 different portals, with 5 different passwords to read, interpret and analyze 5 different ways of displaying CIEDs data and alerts.

I wanted to offer the best healthcare to my patients and be excellent in my mission as an electrophysiologist but my Remote Monitoring tools were outdated. I faced daily IT and data processing issues which made RM practice very complex. Also, no Remote Monitoring billing system was available and billing for patients follow-up was a manual and an extremely tedious process.” 

Dr. Arnaud Rosier holds a doctoral degree in health informatics from INSERM laboratories. After intensive research in Remote Monitoring automation, Dr. Rosier created Implicity in 2016 to address his pain points as an electrophysiologist.

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