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Last update: February 2023

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This application is intended to allow you to inform your doctor about :

•  The operation of your cardiac prosthesis and / or other electronic device ;

•  Symptoms you may have experienced, related to your heart disease.

Anyone accessing, visiting, or using this application acknowledges having had the opportunity to read the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy
Your cardiac prosthesis offers the possibility of monitoring your heart rhythm and certain operating parameters by remote monitoring.

Since it is important that your prosthesis continues to transmit your cardiac data to your doctor so that he/she can carry out your medical follow-up, we allow you through this application to:
•  Inform your doctor of the reasons why your cardiac prosthesis no longer transmits your cardiac information ;
• Communicate clinical data that is useful for your medical follow-up.

Please note that your phone number will only be used to enable the remote monitoring of your prosthesis by your doctor. We will never use your data for commercial purposes.

If you no longer wish to receive text messages from us, please follow the instructions below :
  1. Log in to confirm your identity
  2. Click on  “I no longer want to receive these messages”
You will receive a message confirming your unsubscription request and your doctor will be informed.  You may also contact the medical team in charge of your remote monitoring to ask them to deactivate your text notifications


Specific provisions for Patients located in the European Union or in the United Kingdom:

In order to provide this service, Implicity or its service providers may use subcontractors located outside the European Union and outside the UK. If your data is transferred to a third country where the legislation has not been recognized as offering an adequate level of protection for Personal Data, Implicity ensures that the necessary measures will be put in place in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We guarantee that only your phone number and the content of the SMS are likely to be transferred outside the European Union or the UK. None of your other data will be transferred outside the European Union or the UK by Implicity when acting as a technical monitoring solution.

To learn more about the management of your personal data and to exercise your rights, please refer to the notice below:

 If you’re located in the European Union ;

 If you’re located in the UK.

Below are listed the projects using personal data for research purposes:

  • IM007 ILR ECG Analyzer: Implantable holters trigger too many false positive episodes (detected cardiac issues) for the medical staff responsible for remote patient monitoring. The objective of project IM007 is the development and evaluation of an algorithm for reclassifying any signal coming from a connected implantable holter (ILR) to reduce the quantity of false-positive episodes.
  • HYDRO: the purposes of the Hydro project are as follows:
    • Research for the development of algorithms to predict the individual risk of a patient experiencing a cardiac decompensation crisis requiring hospitalization, using a combination of clinical data and/or data from remote monitoring devices, including the validation of these algorithms, and checking for biases related to subpopulations and the scientific validity of these results.
    • Statistical analysis of healthcare journey data to describe and assess, compare, and improve the management practices for heart failure, including the detection of potential biases in patient care not primarily related to the patients themselves.
  • IM009 Alert Management: the goal of the IM009 project is to develop an atrial fibrillation (AF) alerting algorithm that identifies clinically significant AF events in RM CIED recipients, which would markedly limit the total number of transmitted alerts that require caregiver reviews.
Intellectual Property
The company is the owner or holder of all the intellectual property rights on all the elements composing the application and in particular the brands, logos, graphic elements, visual works.

This application is strictly limited to personal and private use. Any reproduction and/or representation of the application and more generally any commercial or non-commercial use of the application or any of its elements without a prior written consent of the company engages the responsibility of the user and may result in legal proceedings, in particular for counterfeiting.

The databases implemented on the application are the property of the Company or third parties and are protected by copyright and by the rights of the database producer.

Use of the application
Only the user is responsible for his/her use of the application. The company cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect harmful consequences of the user’s use of the application and the information presented therein.