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We are a diverse team of passionate and curious individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and we aspire to transform cardiology practice with AI-bases solutions. We help healthcare providers to improve clinical outcome, optimize productivity and deliver excellent patient care. We innovate. We smile. We believe. We help to save lives. We build the future.

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Company Culture

Our company culture is based on cooperation, team spirit, and meaningful projects. We are encouraged to create and to share ideas. We build our work environment together and each  member of the team has a key role in the company development.

Implicity gender equality index for 2022: 81/100

  • Remuneration gap: 40 points
    → During salary review, an emphasis is placed on 30-40-year-old women
  •  Individual increase repartition gap: 41 points
    → Immediate adjustment of salaries based on current review results
  • Percentage of women who got an individual increase after maternity leave return: n/a
    → Immediate law enforcement in case of maternity
  • Parity amongst 10 highest pays: 0 points
    → Recruitment priority in Head of / C-level positions

Integrity, Ambition, Cooperation govern our day-to-day activity.

We act with honesty and fairness. We place the medical teams and their patients at the heart of our priorities. We strive for excellence. We commit to bring digital health to the level of excellence required by healthcare professionals. We genuinely care about others. We are supportive, open and want to make our colleagues and partners successful.

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Arnaud, CEO & co-founder of Implicity

Julien, Head of Product

Anaïs, Customer Success Manager