What’s in Store for Biotech in 2023?

Electrophysiologist Arnaud Rosier, CEO, and Co-Founder at Implicity, sits down with LABIOTECH to discuss AI’s expanding role in Cardiology

“In 2023, we will see the first large-scale use of AI algorithms in healthcare. Several factors, including the speed of innovation, are driving this surge. AI algorithms are improving, making models more accurate and reliable. More and more healthcare organizations will start utilizing artificial intelligence across clinical and non-clinical domains.

“Another force driving AI adoption is the clinician burnout epidemic. Covid-19 stretched an already thin healthcare staff nearly to their breaking point, and the “Great Resignation” that followed has made it difficult for clinics and hospitals to find and retain talent. Technology, specifically artificial intelligence, may become a viable solution for many providers to help reduce workloads and alleviate stress by eliminating routine, mundane tasks.”

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