Southeast Texas Cardiology Implements Smart Monitoring for CIED Patients

Cardiology Practice Makes a Pivotal Move to Automate Remote Patient Monitoring.

Southeast Texas Cardiology Associates in Beaumont, Texas, has provided comprehensive adult cardiovascular care to the area since 1982.  In October 2022, they strategically moved to add Implicity – an automated, AI-driven remote cardiac monitoring platform – to their care process for CIED patients.

Managing over 650 patients remotely, logging in to device manufacturer sites separately for each patient had become inefficient and cumbersome. Without an automated solution, the clinic was forced to individually print patient reports and scan them into Athena – their EHR provider. The same antiquated process existed for their billing procedures.

Realizing the impact, this had on patients and their staff, Drs. Rudy Sotolongo and Pat Brandford saw an opportunity for improvement.  Investing in Implicity’s innovative platform will allow Southeast Texas Cardiology Associates care team to step out of the administrative nightmare presented by remote cardiac monitoring, giving them even more time with the patients in their care.

The AI-Powered SaaS solution delivers users numerous benefits, including:

  • A Cloud-Based, Universal Platform
    • Access to ALL manufacturer devices through a single source login
  • Automated Billing Engine
    • Optimizes invoice scheduling to improve billing accuracy
  • ILR ECG Analyzer
    • The AI algorithm reduces false positives by 79% when analyzing ECG recordings from patients implanted with Medtronic ILRS.
  • Consultative, US-Based Customer Support
    • Personalized onboarding and staff training
    • Online chat support
    • Periodic status reports

Running a busy cardiac clinic focused on delivering the best in patient care is no small feat. Leveraging Implicity’s powerful CRM solution automates once manual administrative burdens – providing expanded care and financial growth opportunities for busy cardiology practices focused on patient care.

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