Implicity Releases SMART on FHIR App

New app improves cardiac remote monitoring workflows by providing clinicians access to Implicity alerts and reports directly within Epic’s electronic medical records systems.

Cambridge, Mass., March 2, 2023 – Implicity®, a leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM) and cardiac data management solutions, released a new SMART on FHIR application to improve interoperability and workflow efficiencies for providers.

The app allows Epic users to view alerts and reports being generated on the Implicity platform directly within the patient record.

“Effective remote patient monitoring programs require integrating EMRs with next-generation technologies like Implicity that make the lives of clinical staff easier by simplifying clinical workflows and providing quick, easy access to patient data being gathered outside traditional healthcare settings,” said Dr. Arnaud Rosier, electrophysiologist, CEO, and co-founder of Implicity.

In recent years, healthcare providers – and cardiologists and electrophysiologists, in particular – have increasingly turned to remote patient monitoring (RPM) to help detect potential health problems in patients before they become more serious. Implicity’s cloud-based platform allows cardiac teams to streamline RPM workflows by bringing data from various cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) into one unified environment. The solution then leverages machine learning and AI-based algorithms to analyze data, prioritize alerts, and manage clinical and administrative workflows.

Today, Implicity covers more than 80,000 patients in 150 medical facilities across the United States and Europe. In addition, the platform is used by clinical and academic researchers.


About Implicity

Implicity is a MedTech software company co-founded by cardiac electrophysiologist Arnaud Rosier MD. It provides a universal cardiac remote monitoring and research platform to clinics, hospitals, and service companies – helping them deliver the best remote care to patients with connected cardiac implantable electronic devices. Implicity aggregates, normalizes, and standardizes data from any implantable cardiac device across all manufacturers to support care for patients with chronic heart failure conditions.

Developing one of the first and most effective FDA-cleared AI-based algorithms for cardiology, Implicity’s platform has the potential to improve outcomes by predicting patient health status while significantly reducing healthcare professionals’ workloads. Implicity was the first private company authorized to access the Health Data Hub*, one of the world’s largest databases of information from patients with heart diseases, supporting the development of its groundbreaking AI solutions. Implicity proudly protects over 80,000 patients in 150 medical facilities across the United States and Europe. For more information, visit

* Health Data Hub is a health data platform established by the French government to combine existing health patient databases and facilitate their usage for research and development purposes.

Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.

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