Implicity Introduces New Algorithm to Address Alert Fatigue in AF Care

New feature tackles atrial fibrillation burden, reducing the alerts for patients being treated with anticoagulant medication and highlighting clinically significant events.

Cambridge, Mass., April 12, 2023 – Implicity, a leader in remote patient monitoring and cardiac data management solutions, introduced a new algorithm designed to reduce alert fatigue in the remote monitoring of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF).

Implicity’s AF Alert Management feature addresses AF burden, reducing alerts for patients who are taking anticoagulants and have a low risk of complications while triggering notifications the relevant moment there is a significant change in a patient’s condition that requires intervention or adjustments to treatment.

“The AF Alert Management tool optimizes AFib burden management, allowing providers to focus on clinically significant events,” said Adélie Cerrato, Product Manager at Implicity. “AFib burden can vary greatly between individuals on anticoagulants or those who are not. Our new algorithm can differentiate between the two, quieting alerts associated with patients on medication and notifying providers with smart alerts when the burden exceeds the threshold for action. This, in turn, can lead to better patient outcomes as they receive appropriate care when needed.”

Continuous remote monitoring is critical for properly managing patients with AF. It allows providers to track patients’ heart rhythms for early intervention and treatment, reducing complications such as stroke and heart failure. The AF burden rate, or percentage of time spent in an irregular heartbeat state, is measured using various devices, such as Holter monitors, pacemakers, defibrillators, and implantable loop recorders (ILRs).

Implicity’s algorithm works with any device that collects atrial burden trends data and can classify the following scenarios in line with ESC recommendations:

  • Consider proposing therapies to the patient, such as ablation:
    • Paroxysmal AF
    • Increasing paroxysmal AF
    • Persistent AF
  • Evaluates the success of therapies:
    • Back to sinus rhythm
    • Back to paroxysmal AF

On average, cardiologists receive about 1,000 manufacturer’s alerts on atrial burden/month per every 1,000 patients. Reviewing these alerts manually can prove to be time-consuming and inefficient. Implicity’s AF Alert Management alleviates this pain point and has the potential to save hours of time each month, freeing up clinicians so they can focus on patient care.

About Implicity
Implicity is a MedTech software company dedicated to providing the best remote care to patients with connected cardiac implantable electronic devices. Co-founded by cardiac electrophysiologist Arnaud Rosier, MD, our platform aggregates, normalizes, and standardizes data from any implantable cardiac device across all manufacturers, improving care for those with chronic heart failure conditions.

As the first and only cardiac implant remote monitoring company to receive FDA clearance for an AI-based algorithm, Implicity’s platform provides critical health information, enabling healthcare providers to make more informed decisions for better patient outcomes. With access to the Health Data Hub*, one of the world’s largest databases of heart disease patients, Implicity is able to develop its AI solutions based on more robust data. The company is protecting more than 80,000 patients in over 150 medical facilities across the US and Europe. To learn more, visit

* Health Data Hub is a health data platform established by the French government to combine existing health patient databases and facilitate their usage for research and development purposes.

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