Experience the Pulse of Innovation with Implicity at HRS 2024 in Boston

Implicity will join the global EP community in Boston from May 16-19, 2024, at the premier EP event of the year, HRS 2024!

Implicity Booth 557: Where Mystery Meets Discovery

Curiosity piqued? Good. We’re on the brink of unveiling something monumental at Booth 557—a breakthrough in Predictive AI in Heart Failure that will redefine how you think about cardiac care.

A Revolution Under Wraps
Day one of HRS 2024 will mark the launch of a pioneering solution in cardiac health. We’re keeping the details close to our chest, but rest assured, this is the transformative technology the industry has been waiting for.

FDA-Cleared AI
Implicity is at the forefront of innovation, with the only CIED remote monitoring solution backed by FDA-cleared AI algorithms*. We’re not just following best practices—we’re creating them.

Life-Changing Data
Delve into our latest research, showcased by the esteemed Prof. Niraj Varma, revealing how our universal remote monitoring platform has significantly reduced mortality by 22% and lowered hospitalization by 4% versus traditional methods. We’re in the business of changing lives, and the numbers speak volumes.

A Glimpse into the Future of Heart Health
Why should Implicity be on your list to visit at HRS 2024? We’re not just unveiling a product; we’re launching a promise of a future where Predictive AI in Heart Failure brings hope, personalization, and proactive care to the forefront.

Connect with industry leaders, get a sneak peek at our innovation, and understand how our evidence-based approach is charting a new course in cardiac care.


*ILR ECG Analyzer (CE-marked Class I (MDD) medical device) and SignalHF are FDA-cleared Class II medical devices. IM009 is a CE-marked class I medical device (MDD). See the instructions for use for more information.

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