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The leading AI-powered platform increases staff productivity by up to 84%1.

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* SignalHF is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device, see the instructions for use for more information.

SignalHF*, the FDA-cleared AI algorithm that predicts HF hospitalizations

Signal HF AI

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A universal, alert-based platform for remote cardiac monitoring and research.

Electrophysiologist-designed AI-driven solutions that enable effective remote patient monitoring and medical research innovation.

CIED Remote Monitoring

HF Remote Monitoring

Advanced Research Tool


Unique Features and Core Capabilities

ILR ECG Analyzer²

Utilize AI to reduce the number of false positives by 79% when analyzing ECG recordings from patients implanted with Medtronic ILRs, while maintaining a sensitivity of 99%.3

Patient Connectivity Management

Reconnect 28%4 of patients two days after they disconnect, using automated SMS.



Streamline your In-Clinic data workflow.

AF Alert Management⁵

Detect clinically relevant events proven to lead to an 85% decrease in unnecessary AF alerts compared to alerts transmitted by a cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED).

Dynamic Billing Engine

Achieve 90%+ billing compliance6 with optimized scheduling and auto-generated reports.

1. Implicity data. Staff productivity increase after 2 years of using the Implicity platform, based on data from 56 medical centers. 2. FDA cleared Class II medical device and CE marked Class I (under MDD) medical device, see the instructions for use for more information. 3. Read Academic Group Article 6393406 4. Durand, Julien, et al., Using Technology to Improve Reconnection to Remote Monitoring in Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Patients, Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal, Volume 0, Issue 0 Published: November 23, 2023 DOI. 5. IM009: 2021. Manufacturer: Implicity. IM009 is a software as a medical device (SaMD) intended to be used as an adjunct of a remote monitoring platform to follow up target population patients. Based notably on anticoagulant status of patients. 6. Jay Ganji, MD, FACC, Cardiologist, Piedmont Cardiovascular, November 2022. 6. Jay Ganji, MD, FACC, Cardiologist, Piedmont Cardiovascular, November 2022.

What our customers are saying

Jay Ganji, MD, FACC

Piedmont Cardiovascular, Greensboro, NC

“Love Implicity for “simplicity”. Easy to use, reliable CRM platform offering first-class support at our fingertips.”


Remote Monitoring of CIEDs has been the new standard of care since 2015

Recommendation 1A: HRS Expert Consensus Statement on remote interrogation and monitoring for cardiovascular implantable electronic devices, 2015, Slotwiner & al.

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Implicity Remote Monitoring: Associated with Reduced Mortality, Hospitalization Rates

During this year’s Heart Rhythm Society, Professor Niraj Varma presented a Late Breaking Abstract titled “Clinical impact of a universal remote monitoring platform for ICD and CRT-D follow-up from a large real-world registry.” The abstract highlighted that the Implicity remote cardiac monitoring platform is associated with reduced mortality by 22% and reduced hospitalization by 4% vs. conventional remote monitoring.

These impressive results support the recent expert consensus statement released by HRS/EHRA/APHRS/LAHRS during this year’s annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Program in New Orleans on the “Practical Management of the Remote Device Clinic” which highlights in detail the importance of third-party resources for remote monitoring efficiency.